The BigBang logo is inspired by the Taijitu and the Golden Ratio.


analyzing communities through mailinglists and git repos

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BigBang is a tool for scientific analysis of open source and internet governance communities.


We welcome your contributions to the BigBang community. To get in touch with us, please file an issue on GitHub or subscribe to our discussion list.

We are governed by our community charter and proudly uphold our code of conduct.


We have released BigBang v0.2.0 Tulip Revolution.

This release marks a new milestone in BigBang development.

  • Gender participation estimation
  • Improved support for IETF mailing list ingest
  • Extensive gardening of the example notebooks
  • Upgraded all notebooks to Jupyter 4
  • Improved installation process based on user testing

En route to this milestone, the BigBang community made a number of changes to its procedures. These include:

  • The adoption of a Governance document for guiding decision-making.
  • The adoption of a Code of Conduct establishing norms of respectful behavior within the community.
  • The creation of an ombudsteam for handling personal disputes.

We have also for this milestone adopted by community decision the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.